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We have made it easy and inexpensive to start a business in the U.S. and in Denmark

You may think it is expensive to establish a business in the United States or Denmark. On the contrary, it is not. We have made the process simple and inexpensive. We deliver an all-round solution by taking care of the legal as well as the administrative challenges. In the United States and Denmark, it is essential that all legal requirements are fulfilled upon formation of your business. You can rest assured that we make sure of that.

360° solution

We assist with legal matters relating to both Danish and U.S. law and assist with many administrative tasks. This results in savings for your company.

International expertise

Our attorneys are admitted in the United States and Denmark and practice law both in the United States and Denmark. This gives us invaluable international expertise and know-how.

Available 24/7

With offices in both Denmark and the United States, we are available in both countries. We are available almost almost around the clock in Denmark or the U.S.

Offices in the U.S. and Denmark

We have offices in New York and Copenhagen and are available almost the entire day. Our presence in the United States and Denmark gives us a true and direct insight into the conditions and challenges that our clients’ face in the U.S. and Denmark

Our international presence is the foundation of our unique international experience and expertise, of course, particularly regarding the “black letter law,” but also with respect to business culture, negotiation techniques and language barriers.

Practice area

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Companies & Corporate

Formation of Companies | Corporate Governance | Mergers and Restructurings | Buying and Selling Companies and Exit Strategies | Shareholders Agreements and Operating Agreements

Visas & Immigration

Work Visas and Immigration | Green Cards | L1 Intracompany Transferee for Executive or Specialized Knowledge | E2 Investor Visa | E1 Trader Visa | H1B Specialty Occupation

Commercial contracts

International Contracts | Agent and Distributor Agreements | Consultant Agreements and Service Contracts | Software License Agreements | Confidentiality Agreements

IP Rights & Trademarks

Trademark Registrations in the U.S. and EU | Protection of Trademarks and Copyright | Privacy Policies and Terms of Service | Software License Agreements

Venture Capital and M&A

Seed Investments | Stock Purchase Agreements | Stock Restriction Agreements | Founder Stock Purchase Terms | Technology and Inventions Assignment Agreements


Employment Agreements and Offer Letters| Non-compete and Restrictive Covenants | Confidentiality Terms | Employee IP Assignment and Ownership of IP


Tax Returns | Sales Tax | Skattemæssige registreringer


Disputes in Denmark and the United States | Arbitration | Enforcement of Judgments

Here is a case example

A business contacts us to open an office in the United States and enter the American market. We assist with an all-around solution:

  • RDetermining what business structure is best suitable and in what state to file for formation of your business.
  • RDetermining what business structure and other conditions put you in the best position of getting a work visa.
  • REstablishing the business and taking care of all tax requirements and state registrations. Setting up a bank account in the United States.
  • RPreparing and submitting the visa application for a member of the management who is relocating to the United States to set-up the office, and preparing and submitting the visa application for the accompanying family members and a work permit for the applicant’s spouse.
  • RPreparation of employment contracts for new American employees, advise regarding terms of employment that are common in the Unites States, registering for payroll tax and all other statutory registrations and insurances for employers.
  • RRegistration of the business’ European Trademark in the United States.
  • RDetermining what intercompany transactions are best suited for the Danish and American businesses and preparations of necessary agreements to ensure the Danish business both in relation to exposure, but also in relation to tax.
  • RPreparation and negotiation of distribution agreements and other commercial agreements with commercial customers.
  • RPreparation and filing of the annual tax return in the United States, and taking care of ongoing compliance and statutory reporting requirements.

Our all-round services make it easy and cost effective!

We have assisted Danish businesses in the United States for many years. As a result, we have a unique understanding of and experience with the issues that Danish businesses are facing in the United States – and how to solve them!

We have fixed prices for the following services.

Tax Returns

We help prepare and file tax returns for the IRS and state authorities. We assist our clients with the federal as well as state tax authorities.


We set up payroll for you to pay your employees in the United States, help you take care of statutory insurances and statutory registrations for employers.


We take care of ongoing compliance requirements to ensure statutory reports to relevant authorities are submitted and deadlines are met.

Bank Account

We assist in opening an American bank account, including in cases where the management resides outside the U.S.

Registered Agent

We help facilitate the statutory designation of a registered agent for business entities formed in the United States.

Virtual Address

We can provide a virtual address, allowing you to focus on running business.

Sales Tax

If your company is obligated to charge sales tax, we can prepare and file the ongoing sales tax returns.

Other Services

We also assist with in a number of other services such as depositing checks into your account, the annual 1099 tax forms, etc.

Save Time and Costs!

Because we assist with both U.S. and Danish law, we provide legal solutions that are linked and consistent on both sides of the Atlantic–in contrast to several counselors’ partial solutions that are often uncoordinated and inconsistent.

This is faster and often results in significant savings for our clients. We also understand the importance of utilizing modern technology in our business and to be directly available to you.

Our team

Meet our attorneys

Thomas Thorup


Thomas is co-founder and partner of THOMAS MARTIN and has over  20 years of experience as a corporate attorney in the United States and Denmark. Thomas is admitted as an attorney in Denmark and California. 

+45 30 52 53 30

Martin Dahlgaard


Martin is a co-founder and partner of THOMAS MARTIN and is an experienced and multi-disciplined attorney. Martin is admitted as an attorney in Denmark and New York.

US: 917-719-1088DK: 36 96 77 66

Beau A. Russell

Attorney (admitted in California)

Beau has extensive experience in U.S. immigration law and works on all types of immigration matters. Beau is admitted as an attorney in California. He works at our Copenhagen office.

DK: 53 82 53 30

Sanna S. Shenoy

Legal Assistant/Paralegal

Sanna is an experienced paralegal with law degrees from the University of Copenhagen School of Law. Sanna works at our New York office.

US: 917-300-8243

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Frequently asked questions

Is it complicated establishing a business in the United States?

No, it is not a difficult process to establish a business entity in the United States. A business can be established in a few days. There are flexible regulations regarding who can be a part of management. Management does not need to reside in the United States. However, if management does not reside in the U.S., it may take a few weeks to receive a tax identification number (“EIN”) for the business after formation.

Here at THOMAS MARTIN, we have made the process simple and easy. All documents can be signed electronically. The process itself takes place as follows: We mail in the initial documents to form the business entity as the “incorporator” and send you a set of documents to be signed by you electronicly.

Is it difficult to get a work visa for the United States?

It is not simple to get a work visa to the United States. There are many different requirements that you need to meet, and meeting these depends on what type of work visa you are applying for. It is important to plan well ahead as the process may take several months, and you have to consider all the legal aspects from day the outset that may have an influence on you successfully getting a work visa.

Factors that determines whether you get a work visa is choice of business entity, ownership, management, investments, position and responsibilities, agreements entered into, office, business plan, loans, etc.

THOMAS MARTIN’s all-around service not only helps you decide what type of business entity to choose but also considers all the aspects that may influence your path to getting a work visa in the same process .  It is this all-around service which is the reason we can deliver solutions that create the most favorable situation for you in the process of applying for work visas and in all aspects when establishing your business in the United States. 

E Visa

There are two categories of E-visas.

E-1 Visa: This is a Treaty Trader Visa and may be given to, among others, Danish citizens, working in an enterprise with substantial international trade, and where a substantial part of the international trade is between the United States and Denmark.

E-2 Visa: This is a Treaty Investor Visa and may be given to, among others, Danish citizens who have made a substantial investment in the United States, and where the applicant is coming to the United States to develop and direct the investment.

There are a number of other detailed requirements for both of the E-visas.

L Visa

With an L-Visa, a Danish business entity can apply fir an intra-company transfer of an employee (“transferee”) to one of its affiliated American offices if the transferee is in an executive or managerial capacity or has “specialized knowledge” with respect to the enterprise, or its products, services, techniques, etc. Furthermore, there are specific requirements for the length of employment the transferee has had in the transferring company and for the position and responsibilities in the new position in the U.S.

H-1B Visa

An American employer can employ foreign employees with specialized knowledge with an H-1B Visa. The numbers of H-1B visa granted per year is limited, and the application can only be filed once a year.

O Visa

Persons with an “extraordinary ability” may qualify for an O-Visa. The visa requires a proven extraordinary ability in a particular field, proven by, for example, awards, sustained international or national acclaim, education, advisory opinions etc.

What is the cost?

Our services cost less than most think when they contact us. We have made our work cost-efficient by delivering an all-around solution. We have fixed prices on many of our services. However, we can provide a cost estimate on services that do not have a fixed  price.

When do I need an attorney?

It is recommended to engage an attorney in the early stages of considering to start a business in the United States. There are many legal matters and considerations that need to be addressed early on and which, otherwise, become obstacles or cause problems at later stages.

Can I use my Danish contracts and agreements in the United States?

Danish and American contract law is different in many ways. American contracts are typically more comprehensive and detailed than Danish contracts. We do sometimes come across a case where a Danish business wishes to translate and reuse a Danish contract in the United States. This is not recommended. In addition, the Danish contracts often do not follow the typical structure that is the norm with contracts in the United States.  

In the United States, the majority of contracts follow a standardized structure, follow typical logical principles, and use standardized terms. If a contract does not follow this structure, principles and terms, then an opposing party may become hesitant because Americans expect contracts to follow American custom.

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